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The original Film and Tape Transfer Service  
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Reel to Reel Video
Since 1981 

Celebrating over 35 years 
of service

Simply the best and easiest way to preserve your family legacy.
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We use state of the art technology to convert and restore your video tapes, film, photos and other analog media to DVD, USB files and an interactive Family Website
(Privacy matters: unlike YouTube we offer a way to view & share your videos online, off social media with v
ideo download prevention and custom password protection)  

We offer free shipping with options for pick-up and drop-off nation wide.
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We have 3 walk-in locations  

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Question: what type of media do you convert?           
Answer: We transfer 99% of all analog and digital media (including DVDs to digital files) and rare tapes like betamax. We can also repair broken or damaged tapes, film and photos. 
If you have it, we will most likely be able to convert it. Feel free to contact us with questions

Your family website includes:
The highest streaming quality and bit-rate: true 4k and 1080p enabled. 
✔Custom family key-pass: create a website password to conveniently share with family & friends. 
✔Custom Family Domain name 
Facebook comments & tags 

✔Add Cellphone videos
*NOTICE: We treat your media like the priceless memories they are.That is why only our seasoned experts with years of experience handle your unique media.  
During more than 35 years of transferring film, tapes, photos & cassettes we have never once lost or damaged any customer's media. Other companies will ship your memories to other states or even other countries. At Reel to Reel Video all of your media is transferred in-house.  

Our triple-play package is  ☝️

Trusted with priceless memories for decades, we've proudly served many thousands of customers from across the country: including large institutions, public universities and even famous celebrities. 

Re-experience forgotten memories and learn about your past
with industry leading quality and custom music

 Turn all this...... 

Into This!

HD DVD Sets, External Hard Drive or USB Drives
         with personal menus and Customized Covers
Easily Stream Your Home Videos to Your Widescreen TV 
A Private, Searchable Website to share with family and friends 

Recognize us?

Our Original Film to Tape Transfers Logo from 1981

Don't ship your precious media to an anonymous warehouse or other 3rd rate facilities. 
We have heard too many horror stories!

We have the knowledge and training that only experience can give to never make a serious mistake. We understand that one accident can erase generations of memories. That's why from start to finish, a manager with years of experience oversees every order.  We will never ship your media to 3rd rate facilities. All orders are done in-house. 

Over the years, countless numbers of people have entrusted us with their precious memories thanks to our reputation, expertise, quality and discretion.

Join the Reel to Reel Video family today, we look forward to meeting you!