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At Reel to Reel Video, you can rest assured your are getting the best bang-for-your-buck quality transfer.

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Experience & Security

We have the knowledge and training that only experience can give to never make a serious mistake. We understand that one accident can erase generations of memories. That's why from start to finish, a manager of 15+ years of experience oversees every order.  We will never ship your media to China, India or anywhere else. All orders are done in-house.

HD Quality

At Reel-to-Reel Video we exclusively utilize state-of-the-art equipment in conjunction with a special capturing process. We will never capture your film off a wall or curtain nor utilize any questionable methods. For tapes, we use top of the line converters, have clean heads and employ powerful software to bring out the most vibrant colors in your videos. We scan and clean all photos by hand at a high DPI to ensure all scans come out sharp and vibrant.

The Best Online Viewing Available 

Now you can instantly share your family legacy online with anyone you trust and no one you don't. We offer private HD online viewing with a personal website. Privacy options, add your own new videos, search your video library for certain people and events, view family documents online in HD, get a personal family calendar and more.  

DVD Gift Sets with Custom Chapters

Get professional, gift-grade DVD sets with custom chapters and printed chapter icons. We do not skimp on quality or appearance.  

Create an Audio Commentary 

Record an audio commentary to play along with your video. Great to share with your children and family members who don't know many of the people and events in your video.