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We convert all tape formats:

Hi-8, Digital, 8, VHS, VHS-C, MINI-DV, BETA ETC.

  1. What type of tapes do you transfer?

    We support nearly every type of tape. Besides the more common such as VHS, VHC-C, HI-8, 8MM, and Digital 8 we also support mini-DV, beta, super-beta, pal tapes, betacam, 3/4 inch and S-VHS tapes.

  2.  How do I get to my personal family website online?

    Click "Activate Your Website" above to send us some info and we will email you a link to your family website once it is ready

  3. How long will my tapes take to transfer before I can pick them up?

    Orders take around 2 days - 1 week to finish depending on their complexity and size. Sometimes, very large orders can take up to 2 weeks to finish. We do offer expedited services upon request. Small orders usually take 1-3 days. 

  4.  What happens if I lose or damage my DVD or original tapes?

    We physically archive everything in our office free of charge. Each DVD you receive comes with a unique order number. Simply Call or Email to order more copies. Additionally, we create a website storing your videos for permanent viewing.

  5.  Can you put my media on a USB Drive instead of a DVD?

    Yes, you can supply us with a USB Drive or an external hard drive and we will put your media on it for the same price. We can also buy one for you and add the cost of the drive to your order. We can convert your tapes to files such as mpg, mp4, avi, mac mov, quicktime, etc.

  6.  Do you convert audio cassettes?

    Yes we do convert audio cassettes using digital noise reduction software and the top of the line hardware. We offer the option of putting your audio recordings on an audio cd for the car or a data cd (has more space) or online download. Conversion of audio cassette is to mp3.

  7.  How much video can fit onto a DVD?

    Higher quality tapes can record a max of 2 hrs & 5 min per DVD. Lower quality tapes can fit a max of 3 hrs and 5 min. onto a DVD. If a video goes long, it will automatically be transferred onto a second DVD that we will identify as being the second part to the first DVD. Rest assured, no quality will be comprised when converting your precious memories.

  8.  Can I consolidate my short tapes onto 1 DVD?

    Yes, we offer this service at no extra charge. Your tapes will be merged and a short blue screen will appear for a few seconds between each of the original tapes on your DVD. We can also provide a separate DVD Menu for each tape on the same DVD.

  9.  Do you farm out my media to other companies?

    No. Every process from the time you walk into the store is done by us. Our expert staff handles each tape with individual care. We know we are dealing with memories that cannot be replaced.

  10.  Do you transfer Hollywood movies?

    We will make one legal copy of copyrighted tapes provided they are for personal use.

  11.  How do I order additional copies of a DVD?

    You can call or email us with your order number.

  12.  Will you let me know when my order is ready to be picked up?

    We will contact you when your order is completed. You can also contact us via phone or email at anytime to check on your order status. 

  13.  If my tapes, reels or photos are damaged; can you repair them?

    Yes, we have a team of experts that can restore these sorts of media. It's not magic but they sure make it seem that way. We will call you with an estimate before hand to let you know how much the restoration will cost.

  14.  Do you also transfer SD Cards, mini-DVDs and Video Cameras to Gift DVD Sets

    Yes! We transfer SD Cards, mini-DVDs and video cameras to gift DVD sets, Blu-Rays & online viewing.

  15.  Can you edit out unwanted shows and commercials that made their way onto my tapes?

    Yes, if you tell us of the specific tape and if the show or commercial is conspicuously at the beginning or end of the tape, we can edit it out. 

  16.  Can I edit my video after I receive it on DVD?

    Yes, you can edit your DVD with the unique order number featured on the DVD. You can also come in and talk to us about what you want edited. We offer sit down editing sessions. Additional charges may apply. 

  17.  Can I ship you my tapes and other media? How do I do this?


    Our shipping address is

    Reel to Reel Video 

    547 South Broadway 

    Hicksville, NY 11801

  18. Located in Hicksville NY, we service Nassau and Suffolk Long Island for walk-ins and as a wholesaler we service the entire country. 
  19.  What happens if you mess something up? Have you ever lost or damaged a tape?

    In over 30 years in the business we have never once lost or permanently damaged a single tape, reel or slide.