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Your hard drive is now ready to be customized in preparation for your personal family website. The process is extremely easy and simple. 

After you title your hard drive with the steps below, you can then return it to us and order your website by clicking here 

How to title and sequence your videos 

Left click on the desired video and click rename. Type 1 for the first video 2 for the second video and so on- this is the sequence number. After you enter the sequence number, hit the space bar and type your title. Do not use any - ! , ' or other special characters. You can leave the original order number at the end of the title.


1 Alex Birthday 1997 703407-4
2 Wedding of Susan and Robert 1998 703407-8
3 Thanksgiving 2004 703407-1

How to identify videos that you do not want online

Put the letter Z before the title 

Example: Z 8 Our honeymoon 2005 703407-3

Editing online videos is easy. Contact us for details

Feel free to email us any questions.

Please be sure to indicate your order # on all inquiries.

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